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Our Work

KRL’s clients range from Fortune 100 companies and heads of state to opposition parties and private foundations. We understand the needs of international businesses entering new markets and local businesses going global. We are just as adept navigating the halls of power in Washington, D.C. as we are the world’s riskiest investment frontiers. While KRL’s work in Africa is renowned, our reach is global.

KRL provides services that are custom-fit to our clients. We opt for a multi-faceted approach, combining several different types of services, which enables us to construct creative solutions that more traditional consulting firms may overlook.

Gov Relations
Government Relations

KRL has a demonstrated track record of delivering results for its clients in Washington. We have worked with corporations and foreign governments to maximize U.S. government support for private sector development, trade and investment, democracy and governance, and regional security. We have assisted newly elected foreign officials and experienced diplomats.

KRL maintains trusted relationships with government institutions, including Congress, the White House, the State Department, the Pentagon, and trade agencies. We have also successfully engaged international financial institutions (IFIs), the United Nations, and other global organizations on behalf of our clients.

Case Studies

Securing $1.8 billion in U.S. assistance for Liberia

Asset recovery for a government contractor

Comm Diplomacy
Commercial Diplomacy

KRL designs strategies that address the complexities of doing business in emerging markets. We have worked to secure competitive terms for foreign governments and assisted companies when lack of due process, contract violations, or regulatory barriers put assets at risk.

KRL assists companies entering new markets, mapping out key stakeholders and evaluating political, economic, and regulatory factors. In facilitation of market entry, we design social investment plans where we work to align corporate interests with the priorities of host governments and donors to maximize impact.

Case Studies

Leveraging social investment for market entry

Navigating a political transition for an anchor investor

 Photo by Carol Sahley/USAID (2018)

Campaigns & Advocacy

KRL is proud to have worked on several successful campaigns for candidates and parties that are committed to their country’s development and to democratic political processes. Our consultants provide a combination of stakeholder relations and communications expertise, coupled with long-term embedding with ground teams. We have expertise in all aspects of the campaign cycle including polling, messaging, fundraising, alliance building, get-out-the-vote efforts, and poll monitoring.

KRL has also worked with a variety of clients on issue-based campaigns, advocating for specific policies as well as general public awareness. We have executed successful international advocacy campaigns in the areas of global health, gender-based violence, and disaster recovery. 

Case Studies

Mobilizing the international response to the Ebola crisis

With long-standing relationships with international media and decades of experience in the journalism industry, KRL consultants use multiple platforms to deliver our client’s messages to a global audience. Our team provides support at each step in the editorial process, from editing a first draft to placing an article in a premier publication.

When crafting communication plans, KRL designs multidimensional global strategies that include public speaking, thought leadership, select use of international platforms, and engagement with influencers in think tanks, academia, government, and international institutions.

Case Studies

Raising a foundation's profile through thought leadership

Redeeming the record of a former Head of State

Risk Analysis
Geopolitical Analysis

KRL employs a combination of advanced desktop research and in-country sources to produce expert analyses of geopolitical risk factors in emerging markets. These products range from a broad overview of a potential new market to specific analysis of a political transition.

With trusted relationships at all levels of government, KRL is also able to provide valuable updates on political developments in Washington, DC. From advance notice of State Department appointments to in-depth analysis of the latest budget, KRL provides intelligence on U.S. foreign policy that allows our clients to get in front of the news cycle.

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