Mapping new market opportunities in the water sector

Mobilized extensive network of contacts to map interests of key players and spoilers

Campaign to educate government stakeholders on the legal framework and the impact of the anchor investment 

Newly elected president toured the company’s operations, publicly signaling a renewed relationship

The challenge


A global engineering firm​ specializing in water infrastructure wanted to expand its project portfolio in Africa beyond a handful of donor projects. With limited experience in frontier markets and a risk-averse company culture, the firm's international director wanted comprehensive market entry strategy to present to his board to gain buy-in for r

The KRL approach


As an initial ​deliverable, KRL produced a 50-page report on the water sector

Working with the company, KRL deployed an outreach campaign to educate key influencers within the government, including the presidency, on the legal framework with the company, their historic relationship with the country, and the local and international implications if relations with an anchor investor were to sour.

The campaign served as an essential basis for a successful series of consultations between the company, the government, and third-party stakeholders. The company and the host government agreed on the underlying vulnerabilities within the mining agreement and settled on mutually beneficial terms for the future. The newly elected president publicized his tour of the company’s operations, signaling the shift in the government’s relationship with the company from one of antagonism to one of partnership. 

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