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Increasing U.S. assistance and investment in West Africa
Government Relations

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The challenge


A West African government sought KRL’s support in engaging the U.S. government, international institutions, and the American private sector to promote private sector-led economic growth, regional security, and democratic consolidation in the West African country. Changing global economic conditions and worsening security challenges in the Sahel, presented various challenges to the bilateral relationship.

The KRL approach


KRL supported this nation in engaging U.S. government agencies to secure partnerships and programmatic support, including integration into the Partnership for Global Infrastructure and Investment (PGII) and the Strategy to Prevent Conflict and Promote Stability (PCPS).


KRL also supported the country’s aspirations for private sector-led growth by helping to engage corporations and investors in the technology, health, and energy sectors, including Microsoft, GE, Amazon, and others. Partnerships with think tanks and business organizations increased the government’s ability to reach existing and potential investors.

Through two election cycles and challenging economic conditions, KRL worked to craft a positive narrative in the  international media. Coverage by the New York Times, Financial Times, and The Economist was instrumental in addressing perception challenges and winning support from key stakeholders.

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