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Asset recovery for a government contractor
Government Relations

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The challenge


An American power company, contracted by the U.S. government to build infrastructure in a post-conflict country, was struggling to recover millions of dollars in unpaid claims. KRL was hired to execute a creative solution where the previous method of engagement – litigation – had failed to produce results.


The KRL approach


Rather than focusing on the legal merits of the case, KRL pursued a political solution by placing pressure on the government to reach a settlement. Using the opportunity of a new administration, KRL identified key stakeholders within relevant agencies and elsewhere in government to serve as advocates for the client. 

Working with the company’s legal team to create a compelling narrative of the claim, KRL presented the case to strategically selected congressional offices who contacted the appropriate government agencies. Attention was called to the company’s concerns and a speedy resolution was urged. This engagement continued, driven by KRL, over a period of more than 14 months.

As a result, the U.S. government was unable to ignore the company’s claims and eventually agreed to a settlement that was satisfactory to the client. When funds were not immediately available to pay out the claims, KRL worked to identify other sources of appropriations that could be tapped for compensation and continued pressure until payment was completed.​

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